Omega V Series

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Procyon 4-Star Hobbybat
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Hurricane King
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Hurricane Hao Penhold
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Extreme S

Mark Chester Carlos
This is blade is amazing!!! Well balanced on power, control & weight. I paired it with the new Xiom Musa rubber and the result was good. The spins of my ball are more spinnier plus I can control the ball easily because of the all wood feel of the blade. Smashes are easy because of the 7ply wood as well. I highly recommend this who are looking for good control & enough speed....

Titanium 5.4 WRB

Jerico Eijansantos
This blade is extemely fast, stiff and light. However, it may take you a week atleast to break-in this blade. Control is pretty hard to master, as the ball quickly bounces away from the bat using this blade. A good hit on the sweet spot creates a crisp sound. A very loud and clear "plick" sound.

But try using only water based glues on this blade. Speed glues peel the outer veneer on the edges if rubber on the blade is not peeled off carefully....

Baracuda Rubber

Harvey Aquino
If you're searching for that special kind of massive spin, then get this rubber. However, it is a bit slow even though it is a tensor rubber. It helps in control and spin. On its durability, you can get a month of massive spin, but after it, it really downgrades. It does chip and i guess as an old gen tensor, it is a problem. But overall, i recommend the rubber for those SPIN-oriented players not minding the lack of speed....

Andro Plaxon Series


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